In the Lugansk region, a woman lay down under a bus with “mobilized” people so as not to let them go to the front


In Lugansk region, a woman lay down under a bus with "mobilized" not to let them go to the front

In the temporarily occupied territories, militants do not stop the forced “mobilization” of men sent to fight against Ukraine. However, women are trying to prevent this.

The women of the “mobilized” do not want to let their men go to the “special operation”. They understand that there they will be cannon fodder at best.

Women are ready to stop transport even with their bare hands

Thus, in the occupied Alchevsk on Luhansk region women tried to block the road to the bus with “mobilized” themselves. One of them went under the wheels for this.

However, this did not bring the desired results, as complained by one of the protesters Marina Naumova, who is now hopeful.

They took away the father of three children. Tell me, please, good people, what should I do? How can I support my children without a husband? she asked.

One of the women lay down under the bus/Photo by StratKom of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

How to avoid forced mobilization on occupied territories: advice from the government

Forced mobilization in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia has become commonplace for the local population. “Mobilized” occupiers are needed in order to:

  • reconnaissance of firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • to keep as many military personnel from Russia as possible when performing military operations;
  • to reduce Russian military contingent being captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Therefore, the main rule of avoiding forced mobilization is to avoid any connection with the military registration and enlistment office and the army. It's worth it :

  • Change your mobile phone number or stop using it temporarily. Don't talk on the open line of local operators.
  • Don't go to the same stores often.
  • If possible, don't live at the same address for more than two weeks, but rather evacuate.< /li>
  • Avoid personally receiving summons and calls from military rooms.
  • If the invaders have found you, then provide evidence why you cannot fight: religious beliefs, illness, etc.
  • If you were mobilized, at the first opportunity, surrender to the Ukrainian military and report that you were forcibly taken into the army of the invaders.

The government also urged to ignore the orders of infidels if they got into their troops. After all, if you follow them, you will become an accomplice in war crimes. Punishment for them is provided even if the mobilization was forced.

Anyone who has become a victim or witness of the illegal actions of the aggressor can contact the National Information Bureau. Ukraine guarantees absolute confidentiality for all citizens who report illegal “mobilization”.

Pay attention! You can also read more recommendations at the link.

Forced mobilization of infidels: latest news

  • In Mariupol, men are taken into the army right off the street. Since there are no people who want to fight for the young “republic”, therefore the occupiers are forcing people to do it. This is done by specially created “catching” groups.
  • By compulsion to serve in the army of the invaders, anti-war sentiments are intensifying in the territories of Donbas temporarily occupied by Russia. However, mobilization measures are only intensifying. Armed people in masks grab people with disabilities, wounded soldiers who are recovering and those who were sent on vacation.
  • Forced mobilization has intensified in the Luhansk region as well. According to the head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai, 10,000 men have already died.

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