In the Lugansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine withdrew a hundred professional occupiers from the battle, avoiding even injuries


In the Lugansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine withdrew a hundred professional occupiers from the battle, avoiding even injuries

Ukrainian military continue to defend their native land. It is known that in the Lugansk region they liberated another village from occupation, inflicting considerable losses on the enemy.

This was told by the head of the OVA Serhiy Gaidai. He noted that the issue of de-occupation of the Luhansk region is extremely difficult. First of all, because the enemy prepared pretty well and literally mined everything they could.

We liberated the village and destroyed the enemies

According to available information, The Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to liberate another village in the Luhansk region.At the same time, Sergei Gaidai did not name which one, so as not to harm the defenders of Ukraine.

I can give an example of losses. The Russians were deploying military personnel there. And so they lost a hundred there, but not a single wounded was from our side. The guys were in such a satisfied mood, so elated by the result. They motivated themselves to move on,” he stressed.

At the same time, it should be understood thatthe invaders are concentrating reserves on the Luhansk region. They have enough time to mine the territories, as well as to zombify the local population. All this makes it very difficult for our military to advance in the Luhansk direction.

There are constant battles in the Belogorivka area

According to the head of the OVA Sergey Gaidai, actions.Do not be surprised that the enemy can advance by some 100 meters in a day. This, he assures, is not critical. Especially considering that our military can return to their positions in a day or even half.

As Gaidai noted, near Belogorovka there are “powerful, shelled, fighting for a long time.” They have enough support, and they are constantly in touch. Therefore, he is sure, the situation on the positions of Belogorivka remains absolutely controlled.

What is the current situation in the Luhansk region

  • The day before, Sergei Gaidai noted that the number of offensives and attacks in the direction of Belogorivka has decreased . However, it should be understood that shelling from both artillery and tanks does not subside.
  • Earlier, the head of the UVA said that he would open the way for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Rubizhne and Severodonetsk. According to him, the release of Kremennaya will provide us with such an option. After that, the invaders will have to literally run away. And do it the same way as in Kherson and Liman.
  • Recall that on January 21, the Armed Forces of Ukraine powerfully hit the positions of the Kadyrovites in the Lugansk region. The enemy set them up in the dispensary of the machine-building plant.

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