In the Lviv region introduced a special schedule of emergency shutdowns


Special emergency shutdown schedule introduced in Lviv region

Ukrainian energy still cannot get back in order after numerous massive attacks by the occupiers. As of January 23, the situation in the energy system remains very difficult.

Therefore, in the Lviv region, from 13:29, a special schedule of emergency shutdowns was introduced due to exceeding the consumption limit.

What does the special shutdown schedule mean

Special schedule emergency shutdowns is a separate list of consumers that power engineers can quickly and simultaneously turn off in high-voltage networks using remote communication. This happens only after the order of Ukrenergo. The time from the decision to the implementation of the order should be up to 3 minutes.

The list of consumers in a special emergency shutdown schedule may include individual critical infrastructure facilities.

Pay attention! This schedule is applied by order of Ukrenergo without notifying consumers and local authorities in the event of a critical situation in the energy system of Ukraine.

Emergency blackouts have already been introduced in 7 regions

In Ukraine, on January 23, the shortage of electricity use capacity increased. Therefore, emergency power outages were applied in 7 regions. Charts are temporarily inactive. First, emergency shutdowns were used in Volyn and the Lviv region. Then the list of regions was expanded to:

  • Kharkiv,
  • Dnepropetrovsk,
  • Zaporozhye,
  • Khmelnytsky,
  • < li>Zhytomyr region.

Maxim Kozitsky, head of the Lviv OVA, noted that it was impossible to foresee the time and duration of outages. The authorities understand that this message may lead to another wave of anger and indignation, but power engineers are doing everything possible to ensure that everyone has light.

Worthy of attention! Power engineers explain that these measures will help to avoid chaotic, uncontrolled shutdown of a large number of consumers. It is also necessary to prevent a systemic accident.

Let's add that earlier electricity consumption increased in Ukraine. The reason is the cold snap across the country. In addition, the latest attack by the Russians on January 14 caused significant damage to several power units of thermal power plants.

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