In the Netherlands, they told how many Patriot air defense systems will be transferred to Ukraine


The Netherlands told how many Patriot air defense systems will be transferred to Ukraine

The Netherlands has announced the number of Patriot installations that will be transferred to Ukraine. In addition to them, missiles for these air defense systems will also be sent to our state.

Information on the number of missiles was indicated by the Minister of Defense of the country, Kaisa Ollongren, in a letter from the House of Representatives. You can read the full text at this link.

What is known about the provision of Patriot to Ukraine

Given the great need of Ukraine, it was decided to supply two launchers and a certain number of missiles, the letter says.

It is also known that approximately 200 military armed forces of Ukraine will to train how to use the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system.

In particular, 65 Dutch military personnel will teach them.

Why does Ukraine need the Patriot air defense system/Channel 24 Infographics

The Netherlands may provide Ukraine with F-16 fighters

Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Gukstra said on January 20 that the Cabinet of Ministers will consider the possibility of supplying F-16 fighters. However, this will happen on the condition that a request is received from Kyiv.

Vopke Gukstra assured that the request will be considered impartially, because “there is no taboo.” However, there are fears that Russia will launch another big offensive in the coming months.

Help from the Netherlands in brief

  • Netherlands Minister of Defense Kaisa Ollongren said that Amsterdam is ready to pay for Leopard tanks , which will be sent to Ukraine as part of a coalition of European and NATO allies.
  • She noticed that everyone is waiting to hear the position of Germany. However, she is a fan of trying to find a solution and send tanks to Kyiv.
  • Before that, on January 17, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that the Netherlands would provide Patriot air defense to Ukraine. Nevertheless, he did not name the number of air defense systems.

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