In the Nikolaev region, a Russian drone was shot down, which was conducting reconnaissance


В Mykolaiv region shot down a Russian drone that was reconnaissance

The number of Russian drones is decreasing, the image is illustrative/Channel 24 collage

The Russians are trying to adjust the fire with the help of drones. One of these aircraft was destroyed by the military of the Nikolaev region.

This was reported on June 26 in the air command “South”. The enemy drone was eliminated in the morning.

“The soldiers discovered and destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle of the operational-tactical level, with which the enemy carried out aerial reconnaissance and guidance of artillery in the Mykolaiv region,” the command wrote.

Added that Ukraine remains high missile danger and urged not to neglect air raid signals.

Increased the intensity of attacks

On June 25, the Russians increased the intensity of shelling of the southern regions of Ukraine by almost 1.5 times. They defend themselves, but do not create new shock groups. The occupiers are trying to exhaust the Ukrainian defenders with rocket-artillery and mortar attacks. In response, the Russians received five strikes from aviation on the accumulation of equipment and manpower.

“The enemy launched 4 air strikes on our positions, and used an air-to-air guided missile against our aviation, – OK “South” reported.On June 23, the invaders tried to destroy the TV tower in the Mykolaiv region, but they got into the toilet. They attacked from the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson region, using Tochka-U.

Through the efforts of Kremlin propagandists, television speech in the head of infidels is closely combined with the content of the toilet, – Ukrainian defenders noted.

Evacuation from Nikolaev

Information appeared in Nikolaev that residents are being urged to leave from the city . The head of the OVA, Vitaly Kim, objected to this and said that there was no reason to evacuate all the people.

Earlier, the mayor of Nikolaev, Alexander Senkevich, said that 111 people had already died due to shelling in the city. Kafirs continue to attack residential areas. Especially actively for killings and destruction they use cluster-type shells.

That's why Senkevich called to go from Nikolaev. He urged not to return until the military pushed the Russians back to Kherson or Crimea.

Pay attention – the current situation at the front on June 26: watch the video

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