In the occupied territories, business is forced to work according to Russian rules


On occupied territories are forcing business to work according to Russian rules

Occupiers terrorize business/Collage 24 Channel

In the Ukrainian territories, Russian infidels force business to work according to the rules of the Russian Federation in order to reorient it to the market of the occupying country.

Business according to Russian rules

< p> Intelligence reports that Russia will intensify measures aimed at establishing an occupation regime in the occupied territories of the East and South of Ukraine. Last week, Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, held a meeting in Donetsk with the participation of the “leaders” of the so-called L/DNR.

It paid special attention to the introduction of a system of compulsory paid licensing of Ukrainian private entrepreneurs for trade with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. This, according to the invaders, will allow the occupier to take control of financial flows in the occupied territories.

Against Ukrainian business and bullying by the occupiers

A significant part of the population resists such innovations. In one of the markets in Shevchenkovsky, Kharkiv region, infidels hung the flag of the Russian Federation. Outraged locals broke the flagpole. After that, the infidels promised to close the market if this happens again.

In Borovaya, Kharkiv region, infidels force farmers to start spring field work. At the same time, most of the equipment was either broken or stolen by the invaders themselves. In addition, there is not enough fuel and crops, and such work can be dangerous – several farmers have exploded on shells and mines while trying to work in the field. But farmers who refuse to work are threatened with the “nationalization” of the land.

In the villages of Botievo and Stroganovka, Melitopol district, Zaporozhye region, infidels demand that entrepreneurs open shops, cafes, places of recreation and leisure. But so that they do not have Ukrainian goods, in return they provide contacts of suppliers from the Crimea. The occupiers claim that they will not leave Ukrainian soil and continue to prepare for the introduction of the “ruble zone”.

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