In the Odessa region, a man was detained at a checkpoint and mobilized: a lawyer announced bullying


In the Odessa region, a man was detained at a checkpoint and mobilized: a lawyer announced bullying

In the Odessa region, a 28-year-old man from the Cherkasy region was detained at a checkpoint. He was forcibly taken to the regional recruitment center in Odessa.

This was announced by the lawyer of a resident of the Cherkasy region Viktor Masliy. He said that Vasily Kirichenko was detained on March 6 at a checkpoint near the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky by people in military uniform.

How was the man arrested?

According to the lawyer, the man was driving a car. He was in the Odessa region on business, temporarily: he lives in the village of Knyazh, Cherkasy region.

After the arrest, Kirichenko was taken to the Odessa Regional Recruitment Center, where he was forced to sign blank forms for passing the military medical commission.

The lawyer who arrived at the recruitment center was not allowed to meet with the client. He called the police.

“We waited for the police for four hours. The investigative group did arrive. We wrote a statement about imprisonment, theft of a passport. The police officers approached the checkpoint of the military registration and enlistment office. They asked if they had such and such a person. They answered that they did. And that's all: their (the police – Channel 24) work is over. They turned to the specialized military prosecutor's office of the Odessa region. They said they could not help, “the lawyer explained.

Masliy argues that they had no right to detain Kirichenko, and insists that he must go through a military medical commission in the Cherkasy region, where he is registered.

In addition to the police, the lawyer went to court, and also filed an application with the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights.

What they say in the Odessa TCC

The Odesa Regional Territorial Recruiting Center commented on the situation with the detention of 28-year-old Vasily Kirichenko from the Cherkasy region.

They said that the guy passed the military medical commission and is now in a military unit.

“Everything is fine with the man, he is now serving. For two days he visited the assembly point, then he was recruited into a military unit, to which he himself agreed. that he was temporarily registered and drafted into such and such a military unit. Everything is according to the law. There is no such law that prohibits conscripting from some military registration and enlistment office, “commented the press secretary of the regional TCC Irina Dragan.

Lawyer says otherwise

At the same time, the man's lawyer says that he is being tortured.

“Threats are being made that if he does not pass the VLK on his own, then he will be forced to pass. They have already given them a uniform, they are alarmed at night, they are forced to do push-ups, run, that is, they are tortured, tortured,” he said.

Correspondence of a lawyer / Photo provided to the Public

At the office of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Viktor was informed that they would consider his application, adhering to the queue.

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