In the Odessa region, the SBU exposed a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who was losing ground to the Russians


In the Odessa region, the SBU exposed a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who was losing ground to the Russians

Ukrainian special services are carrying out activities throughout the country aimed at combating the internal enemy. As part of this work, dozens of searches are carried out and suspicions are handed over to the defendants in the cases.

The head of the Odesa Regional Police Department said that the searches did not bypass the region. It should be added that the work of the special services in this region was quite fruitful and productive.

What violations were exposed in the Odessa region

Marchenko noted that on February 1, the deputy head of one of the departments of the Department of Agrarian Policy, Food and Land Relations of the Odessa OVA was exposed in corruption. It is known that the official set up a criminal mechanism for obtaining money while assisting in the unhindered allocation of land plots.

In addition, on February 2, employees of the Strategic Investigation Department of the National Police announced the suspicion of two more officials of the administration, suspected of embezzling public funds during purchasing food products.

According to the investigation, officials, in collusion with the director of the LLC, overestimated the market value of products when concluding tripartite agreements on the purchase of food products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers found that in April 2022, only one prisoner with a controlled company contract for the purchase of food for 40 million hryvnias, the difference in cost reached seven million.

SBU exposed a military traitor

On the same day soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who betrayed the Ukrainian people and handed over to the enemy the location of his own brothers.

Marchenko stressed that there are no inviolable people either in the administration or in the region, and everyone should and will be responsible for their actions in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">Searchs by special services on February 1: briefly

  • On February 1, searches came to the well-known oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The reason is that the law enforcers exposed large-scale schemes for embezzlement of 40 billion hryvnias for Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta.
  • The security forces also came with searches to the acting head of the tax service in Kyiv, Oksana Daty. They found a “wish list” on her, in which she dreamed of a sable coat, earning $1 million and a trip to London.
  • They also came with searches to the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, deputy Vadim Stolar and businessman Igor Kolomoisky .
  • The DBR says this “purge” is only the beginning, and corruption is no less a dangerous enemy than Russia.

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