In the suburbs of Rome, the largest film studio in Europe burned down, where about three thousand tapes were shot

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The largest film studio in Europe burned down in the suburbs of Rome, where about three thousand films were shot

Fire in Cinecitta, the world-famous, largest film studio in Europe in the suburbs of Rome.

Victims and wounded were avoided. One of the pavilions was completely burned out and, despite the rapid reaction of firefighters, the scenery of Florence during the Renaissance was destroyed, according to TSN.

About three thousand tapes were filmed in the Cinecitta pavilions, fifty of them received Oscar statuettes.

Most likely, the fire caused a brief fire or a spark, due to the intense heat in Rome in recent days, deadwood and landfills often flare up.

A heavy downpour disrupted the evacuation from the occupied Energodar. The only dirt road in Zaporozhye, which is also called the “Road of Life” is washed out so that it is impossible to drive there.

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