In the United States, a common symptom was revealed in those who committed a mass execution of people

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In the United States, a common symptom was revealed in those who committed a mass execution of people

Experts from the Stanford University School of Medicine conducted the first analysis of the medical data of those involved in mass murder cases in the United States and found that the vast majority of criminals had mental disorders that had not been treated, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Scientists have identified 115 people who were identified as having committed the mass shooting in the United States from 1982 to 2019. In the vast majority of incidents, the perpetrator died either during or shortly after the crime. Therefore, out of the entire sample, 35 cases remained when the attacker survived and was prosecuted. For each of these 35 cases, scientists interviewed forensic psychiatrists and psychologists who examined the perpetrator after the crime was committed. This made it possible to get an idea of the mental health of the accused.

In a study of the data, 32 of the 35 offenders had signs and symptoms of brain disease that met the scientific diagnostic criteria for a clinical psychiatric disorder. Eighteen shooters had schizophrenia and 10 had other diagnoses, including bipolar disorder, delusional disorder, personality disorders, and drug abuse disorders. In three cases, the information was insufficient to make a diagnosis; in four cases, a psychiatric diagnosis was not established.

Of the 28 surviving attackers with a psychiatric diagnosis, “none received medication or other treatment prior to committing the crime,” the researchers write. They also found out the details of 20 shooters who died at the crime scene. It turned out that eight of the attackers had schizophrenia, seven had other diagnoses, five had unknown diagnoses, and none of them received treatment.

“The mental disorders seen in those who have committed mass executions are serious brain diseases – they need proper diagnosis and treatment as well as heart disease or any other medical condition. We need to reduce the stigma associated with these diseases so that patients can receive appropriate and adequate care and medication, ”said Dr. Ira D. Glick, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Earlier, a Reddit user invited mental health professionals to list the mistakes of parents that can permanently destroy the psyche of a child. One of the most common was the unwillingness of parents to admit that they were wrong in their relationships with children.

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