In the United States decided on Vice-President Biden before Biden

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В США определились с вице-президентом Байдена раньше Байдена

Kamala Harris

The American edition of Politico mistakenly called partner is the most likely candidate from the Democratic party of the United States Joe Biden in the upcoming autumn elections. About it reports Fox News.

According to reports Politico, Vice President Biden became a Senator from California Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris). “Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris his partner in the presidential election of 2020 August 1, two weeks before the national Democratic Convention [the United States], after several months of deliberation”, — decided the publication “brief description of the partner.”

Brad Dayspring (Brad Dayspring), Vice-President of Politico, marketing and communications, confirmed to Fox News that the text was published erroneously. At the moment it is already deleted.

Initially the post was seen Poloitico mark Bednar, representative of the leader of the minority Kevin McCarthy on Twitter. “In his announcement, Biden called Harris “a worthy opponent and a worthy partner”, referring to their rivalry in the earlier stages of the democratic primary vote,” said in the post. Also there was written that the experience of Harris will contribute to the successful cooperation partners.

In March, Biden has promised to choose a woman as his partner in the presidential election in the United States. Harris is among the potential candidates for this post. The list also includes present members of the U.S. house of representatives Karen bass (Karen Bass) and Val Demings (Val Demmings), senators Tammy Duckworth (Tammy Duckworth) and Elizabeth Warren (Elizabeth Warren), and a former national security Advisor to the 44th President Barack Obama, Susan rice (Susan Rice).

The United States presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020.

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