In the United States launched an app for pairing based on memes and TV series

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In the United States launched an app for pairing based on memes and TV series

Stanford University student Vidya Madhavan has launched a free dating service called Schmooze, which helps match memes. Using neural networks, the application invites users to meet those people who have a similar sense of humor and hobby, writes TechCrunch.

The girl decided to create such an application, since it was her sense of humor that brought her closer to her husband. A few climbs back Madhavan was thinking about entering a magistracy, but in order to make a final decision, she turned to students for help. One out of ten people answered her – her future husband, with whom they then began to exchange comic messages.

To become a Schmooze user, in addition to the usual data about yourself, you must also indicate your favorite Instagram account with memes, the series and the artist. After that, the application will offer to choose not the photos of people, but the most pleasant collections of jokes for users. Neural networks make up such collages both on general topics and interests. If the favorite TV series is called “The Office”, then memes with Michael Scott, who played one of the main roles, are inevitable.

Meme bases are compiled by a special department of Schmooze. Every day, 200 new pictures appear in the application, and less relevant ones are deleted. “Nobody cares about the US elections anymore,” Madhavan explains. The Schmooze app is available on iOS and Android, but you can only register with a US number.

Previously, experts have revealed the secret of success at Tinder. They believe that people are more attracted to simple, clear, good-quality images that have no filters and that the person's face is clearly visible.

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