In the United States, Russian nuclear submarines were called trucks with missiles

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Nuclear submarines (nuclear submarines) of project 885M “Ash-M” of the Russian Navy (Navy) of Russia pose a serious threat to the enemy, writes the American edition 19FortyFive.

In the publication, Russian submarines are called cruise missile submarines. The publication notes that, unlike the nuclear submarine of project 885 “Ash”, the new submarines have become less noisy and more powerful.

In particular, it is argued that Project 885M Yasen-M nuclear submarines are capable of salvo-launching Caliber-PL and Onyx missiles. According to the publication, these submarines in the future will receive hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, which could make the nuclear submarine of project 885M “Yasen-M” “a serious threat.”

In April, the American magazine The National Interest wrote that the Russian (Soviet) supersonic strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160 with variable sweep wing is just a giant “missile truck” in the sky.

In December 2020, the general director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko announced that two nuclear submarines of project 955A Borey-A, the contract for the construction of which with the Russian Ministry of Defense was signed in July 2020, will be named Dmitry Donskoy and Prince Potemkin.

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