In the United States they want to teach Ukrainian pilots on NATO aircraft: they introduced a bill


The US wants to train Ukrainian pilots on NATO planes: they introduced a bill

Ukrainian pilots arrived in the US/Channel 24 Collage

The US Congress has submitted a bill providing for the training of Ukrainian fighter pilots. According to the document, they must train on American combat aircraft.

This was announced on social networks by Congressman Adam Kinzinger. He is a US Air Force veteran.

The congressman met with 2 Ukrainian pilots

Kinzinger posted a photo with two Ukrainian pilots who arrived in the United States. The politician noted that this is the case when the pilots have something to talk about.

These men are Ukrainian Air Force pilots. Many thought that they would withdraw from the fight on the first day, but they are still in it. I introduced a bill to train them on NATO aircraft so that they can switch to F-16s, Kinzinger stressed.

The US should help Ukraine establish air supremacy

The bill says that American instructors will be able to train Ukrainian pilots, as well as technical staff, on the F-15 and F-16. So, with the right manpower, Washington could consider sending these planes to Ukraine.

As this conflict continues to unfold, we need to rethink our long-term strategic planning to help our Ukrainian allies. This includes training pilots on additional aircraft that may become available to them,” another author of the document told Congresswoman Chrissy Holahan.

Ukrainian pilots spoke on American television

The day before, two representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force appeared on FOX News. This is a combat pilot with the call sign “Jus” and Lieutenant Colonel Denis Smazhny. They noted the need for more help from the United States.

Juice said that Ukrainian pilots are forced to work on outdated Soviet aircraft, but in order to establish air supremacy and protect Ukrainian cities, Ukraine needs better aviation.


Military assistance to Ukraine from the United States: in short

  • According to the published information, the United States helped Ukraine most of all with weapons and finances – they promised 23.95 billion dollars of assistance.
  • In Europe, the leaders are Poland and the UK.
  • The Pentagon recently announced that it is considering additional shipments of HIMARS systems to Ukraine. We are talking about 4 additional installations.
  • According to the Minister of Defense Alexei Reznikov, self-propelled German Panzerhaubitze2000 are already working at the front.

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