In the US, they talked about the “blocking” of Russian C-400

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In the US, they talked about the

Britain could learn to “block” the work of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) C-400 “Triumph”, writes The National Interest.

According to the American magazine, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy of Great Britain have increased the number of patrols near the Russian borders, where the C-400 Triumph is located. The publication notes that the British military could find “holes” in the air defense (air defense) created by the data of the air defense system.

The National Interest writes that this potentially allows the fifth-generation American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fighters to approach Russian airspace without being detected by the C-400 Triumph.

In September, The Drive noted that RC-135V / W, Airseeker and Sentinel R1 planes near Crimea, intended, in particular, for conducting electronic reconnaissance, could collect information on how Russia's integrated air defense systems and other command and control units respond to bombers. According to the publication, the September flights were carried out in order to determine the parameters of the electromagnetic radiation of various radars that make up the Russian air defense systems in Crimea, for example, the S-400 “Triumph”, as well as to reveal the battle order of such complexes.

In July, the former Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Land Forces of the USSR, Lieutenant General Alexander Luzan, spoke about the objectives of Turkey's testing of the S-400 Triumph air defense system of Russian production. According to him, one of the goals of this could be to find weaknesses in the system.

In November 2019, a video of Turkey's trials in Ankara province on fourth-generation F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters purchased from Russia of the S-400 Triumph complexes appeared on YouTube.

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