In the US, they talked about the Ukrainian “killers” of the Russian fleet

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In the US, they talked about the Ukrainian


Ukrainian coastal missile systems (DBK) RK-360MTS “Neptune” will be able to become “real killers if the Black Sea Fleet of Russia strikes Ukraine,” says the American magazine Forbes.

The publication notes that the RK-360MTS “Neptune” missiles are capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 280 kilometers. “This means that Ukraine can keep about half of the Black Sea under threat from its own territory,” the magazine assures.

As Forbes writes, “If the Ukrainian government is smart, it will spend more [budget funds] on missiles and less on boats.”

In March, TASS columnist Dmitry Litovkin recalled that the Ukrainian and Russian models of the Soviet X-35 missile are fundamentally different from each other.

In the same month, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the country's naval forces (Navy) armed themselves with prototypes of the coastal mobile missile system with anti-ship missiles ZhK-360MTS “Neptune”.

The R-360 missile of the RK-360MTS “Neptune” complex, according to the statements of the Ukrainian side, is distinguished by a warhead weighing 150 kilograms, a launch range of up to 280 kilometers and a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. The height of the rocket flight is from three to ten meters above sea level. The R-360 is based on the X-35.

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