In the US, two trains derailed: almost 20 tons of dangerous substances spilled


In the US, two trains derailed: almost 20 tons of dangerous substances spilled

On March 16, two trains derailed in the states of Arizona and Washington. One of them spilled about 20 tons of diesel fuel.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accidents. So far, there is no indication that the fuel spill has degraded water quality, local officials said.

Accident details

The accident in Washington occurred near Padilla Bay. The state Department of the Environment noted that the incident resulted in a spill of about 19 tons of diesel fuel.

At the same time, a train carrying corn syrup derailed near California and Nevada in western Arizona. Eight wagons overturned and blocked the main track.

The causes of both incidents are under investigation.

In the US, two trains derailed / Photo AP, CNN

Two trains collided in Greece: what is known

  • Late in the evening on February 28, two trains collided near the city of Larisa in Greece, resulting in many victims and injured.
  • The accident caused several carriages to derail and at least three caught fire. The train accident occurred about 380 kilometers north of Athens. This accident was called the largest railway accident in Greece in a decade.
  • The death toll from the collision of a passenger and freight train, according to the latest data, already stands at least 57 people.
  • The governor of the Thessaly region, Kostas Agorastos, said the head-on collision between trains was very severe, and the first four carriages of the passenger train were derailed, two of which were “almost completely destroyed.”
  • Authorities turned to the army to assist in the rescue, and two hospitals in the city of Larisa were transferred to emergency mode.

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