In the USA even more bombers will be “used” to “defeat” Kaliningrad

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In the USA even more bombers will be

The US Air Force (Air Force) needs even more strategic bombers to win future wars that may involve Russia and China, writes Shane Praisewater, a military analyst at the Defense For Democracy Foundation's Center for Military and Political Power, in Defense One.

According to the expert, one of the decisive factors for victory in such battles may be the massive use of heavy strategic bombers like the existing B-1 Lancer and B-52 Stratofortress, since “they can carry a lot of weapons”, in contrast to the stealthy B-2 Spirit and B -21 Raider.

“Even though the United States has bases and allies in the [Baltic] region, the enormous amount of countermeasures required, for example, to defeat the integrated air defense [air defense] system of Kaliningrad, will require significant bombing participation,” the author writes.

For this reason, according to the specialist, in addition to the 100 newest B-21 Raider strategic stealth bombers that the US military will begin receiving in the 2020s, the US Air Force may need a comparable number of simpler “conventional” heavy bombers.

The author of the publication is sure that instead of modernizing obsolete aircraft, the American military needs a new heavy strategic bomber, made without the use of stealth technology, but capable of carrying a lot of weapons on external suspensions.

In September, US Air Force (Air Force) Global Strike Command Chief Timothy Ray said in a letter to the Air Force Times that the future war that the country is likely to wage with China or Russia threatens the survival of the American nation.

In August, US Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Brown Jr. said that the war of the future with the US will not be like the conflicts of the past two decades. “The war of the future will not stay far from our shores,” he suggested.

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