In the USA, they were afraid of the emergence of a semblance of a caste system due to masks

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In the USA, they were afraid of the emergence of a semblance of a caste system due to masks

The decision of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to abolish the mask regime for those vaccinated against COVID-19 could lead to the emergence of a semblance of a caste system in the country. This was warned by the American writer-economist Jeffrey Tucker on the air of the RT program.

The presenters noted that the decision led many shops to abandon masks.

Commenting on the impact of the CDC ruling on business and ordinary people, Tucker noted that it provoked “a strange situation in which customers do not wear masks, while company employees do the opposite, which in some way conveys the idea of” clean and dirty “. just like in the caste system. “

Tucker feared this was a very dangerous trend. He drew attention to the fact that only those who have been vaccinated can refuse masks. In particular, children are required to continue wearing masks in schools, the economist stressed. In the sudden decision of the CDC, he saw a political background and noted that the country is now forced to adapt to new realities.

Earlier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed vaccinated citizens not to wear masks and not maintain social distance indoors or outdoors. At the same time, it was noted that those who completed the vaccination must adhere to the mask regime in the event that this is required by federal or territorial laws, as well as by local business rules. Among other things, citizens of this category should continue to wear masks on public transport, at airports and train stations. Later, CDC director Rochelle Walenski urged people to “be honest” and only give up masks if they actually got vaccinated.

CNBC points out that the CDC recommendation has caused some confusion, as it does not override a number of requirements in force against the background of the mask regime. States, municipalities and businesses are free to decide whether to follow it or not. In addition, the experts did not take care of how the fact that the person was actually vaccinated and can walk without a mask will be checked.

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