In Turkey, two terrible large-scale accidents occurred one after another: a total of more than 35 deaths


Two terrible large-scale road accidents occurred in Turkey one after the other: a total of more than 35 deaths

There were two accidents near the Turkish city of Gaziantep. Ambulances, journalists and rescuers arrived at the site of the previous one, and after that a new accident occurred there.

Another accident with the dead on the same August 20 occurred near the Turkish city of Mardin. More than 10 people died there as well.

There were two fatal accidents in Turkey

On the morning of August 20, an accident occurred in the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey. Rescuers, ambulances and journalists rushed to her place.

While the fire brigade, medical teams and other colleagues were responding to the accident, another bus crashed 200 meters behind. A second bus slipped to the site and hit the rescuers and the injured on the ground, Al Jazeera reported.

According to Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, at least 16 people died as a result of this tragedy, and another 21 people were injured. It is known that among the dead:

  • two journalists of the Ilhas agency;
  • three rescuers;
  • three doctors;
  • 8 more – bus passengers.

The second accident occurred more than 200 kilometers

Approximately 250 kilometers to the east in the Derik area in the city of Mardini, another tragic accident occurred with many dead and injured.

The second major accident in a day (it is said about August 20 – Channel 24) in Turkey: a truck with brakes failed turned over after colliding with two cars in front and crushed a group of pedestrians, Latestly said.

Minister Turkish Health Fahrettin Kojap said that as a result of the tragedy, 16 people died and 29 were injured. It is known that 8 of the wounded are in a critical condition.

Fatal accident in Mardin: watch the video

(Important! We do not advise vulnerable people to view!)< /p>

It is worth remembering that, according to recent media reports, the number of victims in accidents has already increased.

At least 35 people died and dozens were injured in two major accidents in southern Turkey, dpa reported.

Obviously, law enforcement officers will investigate accidents that claimed the lives of more than three dozen people.

Latest accidents in Ukraine and the world

  • On August 13, in the center of Austrian Vienna, an accident occurred with the participation of Ukrainian diplomats. One of its participants was the Ukrainian military attaché. The media suggest that the driver was tipsy.
  • On August 7, the Ukrainian singer MamaRika got into an accident with her little son and a man. The star is outraged by the situation, because, according to her, the car in front of them braked sharply, and her car crashed into it. From the bad consequences they were rescued by a small speed. Fortunately no one was hurt.
  • On August 6, a bus from Poland was involved in a horrific accident in Croatia. There are 12 dead and many injured.

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