In “Turn back alive” they said how much it costs to buy a tank for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Come Back AliveThe Turn Back Alive Foundation has received the right to purchase active destruction military goods from abroad. Now they can even buy a tank.

Andrey Rymaruk, head of the military department of the Come Back Alive Foundation, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, prices for tanks can be completely different. It all depends on a number of important factors.

A tank can be purchased for several million dollars

According to Mr. Rymaruk, the cost of a tank depends on the year of manufacture, technical condition, modification, and additional weapons installed. In total, it costs from 4 to 12 million dollars.

Come Back Alive is going to focus on other weapons. They emphasize that the Armed Forces finally need to gain an advantage in the air.

I see more need for high precision weapons in the air. We finally need to gain an advantage in the air, – Andriy Rymaruk stressed.

Recall, Come Back Alive is the first charitable foundation in Ukraine that has received the right to buy lethal weapons from abroad. Now they can buy not only optics, cars, communication devices. But also the means of “active destruction”, which are in service with the NATO states.

“Since the end of March, the Fund has been registered as a subject of international transfers of goods, in particular, military goods in the State Export Control of Ukraine,” said Ruslana Velichko, lawyer of the Fund.

The Fund notes that they will concentrate their attention to lethal weapons , which will significantly enhance the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here we are talking about strike drones, ammunition, a helicopter and other pleasant surprises that will help destroy the Russian invaders.

It is important that this status will help to buy such goods directly from manufacturers. Convenience is serious – it will be not only cheaper, but also safer. After all, there will be no need to turn to intermediaries who can fuse low-quality goods.

Volunteers call on Ukrainians from all over the world to help to implement projects for the Ukrainian military. More donations – more weapons and other important things that will bring Ukraine's victory closer.

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