In Ukraine, Putin would not become Putin, – the Russian admitted the guilt of fellow countrymen in the prosperity of the regime


Putin wouldn't have become Putin in Ukraine, – the Russian admitted the guilt of fellow countrymen in the prosperity of the regime

Putin's bloody regime continues to flourish in Russia. The population of the aggressor country allowed such a situation, because there have never been such a number of activists as among Ukrainians.

About this on air Channel 24said Timur Olevsky, a Russian opposition journalist for The Insider. According to him, now in Russia it is deadly dangerous to tell the truth about the war in Ukraine.

The Russians created such conditions for themselves

Olevskiy noted that< strong> there has always been a significant difference between Ukrainians and Russians. He recalled that when in Ukraine during the Maidan, henchmen of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych came to a village to seize him, the entire population came to his defense.

This is a great achievement for Ukraine. In Russia, if Putin’s henchmen come to cut out the doors to a person who went to rallies, then all the rest will close tighter, and the person will be left alone with them (Putin’s henchmen – Channel 24), – the journalist explained.

He noticed thatit is not necessary to justify the Russiansbecause they themselves created such conditions. The oppositionist also says that Russia and Ukraine had different starting conditions.

“There is no need to justify ourselves. We were unable to create other conditions. I must say that our starting conditions were different because Russia, economically, geographically, and in terms of the social composition of the population, is not at all like Ukraine. In Ukraine, Putin I would never have become Putin,” Olevsky said.

The Russian journalist added that Russia had a very developed banditry, and later the bandits “merged with the security forces and became power.”

< strong>Olevskiy on Putin's regime in Russia: watch the video

Russians must support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Timur Olevsky is convinced that protesting or simply publishing the truth about the war in Ukraine in Russia is deadly in Russia now.

“For two posts about the bombing of the drama theater in Mariupol, a Russian is sent to prison for 15 years. It's not a fact that you can get out of there alive. Now such a regime is deadly,” he believes.

According to the oppositionist, nowRussians should support the Ukrainian army and raise funds, for example, for drones or planes.

Not to help the victims, because the Ukrainians can handle it themselves. Namely, the Ukrainian army,” Timur Olevsky emphasized.

What are the moods of the Russians

  • Opposition political scientist Abbas Gallyamov said that so far Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is fully occupied with the war with Ukraine, the pressure on the Russian population continues to increase. In fact, Russians are forbidden to even think about the negative consequences of the war.
  • The political scientist noted that it is impossible to measure the mood of the Russian population in the current conditions, because arrests have already begun even for talking against the war.
  • In addition Vladimir Putin does not particularly need this information, since he is not guided by it when making his decisions. The exception is negative mobilization sentiment, which is why he is postponing the second wave of mobilization for the time being.

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