In Ukraine, they can start labeling goods of brands earning in Russia: what is the essence of the initiative


Ukraine may start labeling products of brands earning money in Russia: what is the essence of the initiative< /p>

The petition to label products of brands operating in Russia has gained more than 30,000 signatures. In the future, the initiative may reach the international level.

This was stated on the airChannel 24 by historian, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the author of the petition Yuri Gudymenko. In his opinion, there are two ways to develop this initiative.

“If we proceed to the logic that this is the first and last step on our path, then the effect will be significant, because companies operating in Russia will lose a lot in our market. According to my calculations, depending on the position, this is from 30% to 90 % profit,” Gudymenko said.

But, according to the author of the petition, the petition may be the first step on a very difficult path, which should put all foreign companies before a choice – whether they continue to work with Russia, or they work with the whole other civilized part of the world. After 8-9 months it will be possible to see if this strategy is paying off.

No chance for cheating

The military believes that the logic of the petition is very simple – that both the product itself and the shelves on which it is sold in the store should be labeled with appropriate brand information. This is necessary so that the seller does not have a chance to circumvent the law, and the buyer receives full information. but also whether he helps to destroy his own country with his purchase, – the soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believes.

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Criminal cooperation

Yuri Gudymenko is sure that this story should be considered as a strategy, because he does not want anything left of civilization in Russia.

“I am sure that we should give Russians a chance to live according to the norms and principles they like – with sandals, balalaikas, bears, but without Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, soap, normal water and everything that world culture gives us,” the author of the petition shared.

The military man said that international companies operating in Russia not only pay taxes, which then go to the Russian army. They are compelled by Russian law and internal principles to mobilize their workers.

Companies currently operating in Russia must cooperate deeply with this terrorist regime. Gudymenko explained.

International Development

The military would like the initiative to develop in the international market in two ways. The first is that consumers themselves refuse to buy from brands operating in Russia. The second is for pressure to come from above because of possible sanctions.

“Here we must cooperate through the NAPC with foreign governments that create sanctions lists. And I am sure that we can achieve this, if cooperation between civil society and the Ukrainian authorities is agreed,” the military officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces assured,

The word is up to the government

According to the author, within 10 days the Office of the President must respond to the petition and propose the next steps. Most likely, it will be given to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Our common help will be needed in order to form the right path for foreign brands. And we have known the right path for a long time – by the Russian warship, – summed up Yuri Gudymenko.

Economic pressure on Russia: big news

  • Ivan Us, chief consultant of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, believes that the theory of the sanctions policy against Russia is that there must always be something left in order to constantly increase the number of bans . All these sanctions are the tactics of hundreds or thousands of small cuts. They give a hint to those businessmen who are still planning to make money in Russia that this economy has no future.
  • First Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Sviridenko, Minister of Economy, said that this year the collapse of profits from Russian oil exports and gas could drop by minus 50%.
  • According to Bloomberg Economics, if Russian oil is sold at an average of $50 a barrel, the Kremlin will have enough cash to cover its deficit over the next three years. At the same time, the investment company Citigroup believes that the reserves of the aggressor state will run out in 2.5 years with the price of the Russian Urals oil brand at this level.

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