In Ukraine, they plan to start taking the property of enterprises for a two-month debt


In Ukraine, they plan to start taking the property of enterprises for a two-month debt

“Naftogaz” may be allowed to take property for debts/Collage 24 channel

The war between Russia and Ukraine dealt a heavy blow to the Ukrainian economy. However, entrepreneurs may face another problem due to Ukrainian legislation.

Bill No. 7427, which was initiated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmigal, was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. It involves innovations that can create big problems for both public utilities and private businesses.

Permission to seize property without trial

According to Oleksandr Slobozhan, executive director of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, this bill gives Naftogaz the authority to seize the property of public utilities and private enterprises in the event of a two-month debt. The process can be carried out without settlements, trial and investigation.

The cynicism is that the property of the National Air Company will be taken away, and the financial obligations for debts/loans will be left to cities and villages, this is a new word in jurisprudence, – Slobozhan emphasized.

In his opinion, now it is necessary to solve problems with the rise in gas prices, its minimum amount in storage facilities and enterprises that were destroyed by the Russians, which were engaged in the supply of heat and water.

The Association of Ukrainian Cities appealed to the relevant committee in order to prevent an attack on property rights and prevent the disruption of the heating season.

Russia's war against Ukraine: latest news

  • Russian infidels violate all possible laws and conventions for the treatment of prisoners. While Ukraine treats captured Russians better than they were treated at home, infidels beat and torture Ukrainians, and captive women are forced to watch the atrocities.
  • According to retired Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, our heroic The Armed Forces of Ukraine are making simply titanic efforts in order to repulse the enemy, and not even go on the counteroffensive in some directions. In his opinion, the situation will improve when our defenders and defenders will be armed with more heavy precision weapons.
  • The partisans continue to offer insane resistance to the invaders and sow panic among collaborators and Russians. In Kherson, the heroes managed to blow up the car of a collaborator of the highest level.

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