In Ussuriysk, the Russians turned off the light in 25-degree frost


In Ussuriysk the power was turned off for Russians in 25-degree frost

In Russia, a hundred thousand people were left without electricity. At the same time, the emergency shutdown occurred in 25-degree frost.

Thus, in Russian Ussuriysk, more than 110 thousand people were left without electricity. This is reported by the local prosecutor's office.

The Russians will have to freeze. According to weather forecasters, the minimum temperature in Ussuriysk today is -27 degrees.

Why the Russians were left without electricity

Russian prosecutor's office checks the power outage in 380 apartment buildings, more than 3 thousand private households and 120 social infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ussuriysk.

We must check whether the occupiers violated the law when maintaining and maintaining the network, as well as observing the rights of citizens to the uninterrupted provision of public services.< /p>

Russians are freezing

Recently, abnormal frosts have been recorded in Krasnoyarsk. The air temperature reached -40 degrees. Part of the equipment that processes roads with sand and salt broke down there.

By the way, back in early autumn, Russia scared Europe with a cold winter. Then Gazprom made a video in which they used footage from Krasnoyarsk, a million-plus city in Russia that had never been gasified at all.

However, everything turned the other way around. Winter in European countries seemed quite warm, which helped to bypass gas dependence on the aggressor state.

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