In Volhynia, representatives of the UOC-MP, leaving the parish house, even grabbed a toilet bowl


In Volhynia, representatives of the UOC-MP even grabbed a toilet bowl when leaving the parish house

In the Volyn region, after lengthy misunderstandings, representatives of the UOC-MP vacated a house belonging to the parish of the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. However, they took almost all the things with them from here.

The incident occurred in the village of Sokol, Rozhishche community. During the week, representatives of the UOC-MP took out equipment, furniture and other things.

They even took out the toilet

plumbing, in particular bathroom and toilet. The journalists received the video from home. The footage shows that it is almost empty.

Video from home:

The UOC-MP did not want to leave< /h2>

A scandal broke out in the parish house a few months ago. Local media wrote that in November, representatives of the UOC-MP continued to use the building of the religious community of the Holy Trinity Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. They were asked to vacate the house, but they did not respond.

Locals said that the rector of the church used to live there, but he left long before the community decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate. Then supporters of the UOC-MP began to hold services in the house.

Pay attention! The government submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada to ban the activities in Ukraine of religious organizations controlled in Russia. Officially, the UOC-MP is not subordinate to the ROC. However, after numerous finds by law enforcement officers, doubts arise. For example, during the searches of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra on November 22, they found pro-Russian literature and not only.

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