In winter, the war will not stop: who benefits from a change in weather


The war won't stop in winter: who benefits from a change in the weather

The war with Russia will continue in Ukraine in winter. The cold snap will make the life of soldiers on the front line more uncomfortable, but the Russians will be worse off anyway.

This Channel 24 said a public figure, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yevgeny Karas. According to him, the war in winter will also go in an aggressive form – with the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the defense of the enemy.

Will the offensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue in the winter

Karas stressed that nothing has changed in the intentions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the de-occupation of our territories. Moreover, these processes will be very interesting.

At the same time, according to him, the Russians are already catching up with the mobilized to try to stop our offensive in about two months.

But we don’t even imagine where the limits will be until this stop of this offensive, – said the soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After all, he added, there may be interesting directions and territorial advances of Ukrainian defenders to return our lands. Therefore, it is quite possible that Kherson may already be de-occupied by this moment.

Karas about the course of hostilities in winter: watch the video

Who will benefit from the cold snap

Karas noted that with the onset of cold weather, military operations to liberate our territories will continue, including offensive operations.

I think the war will not stop in winter. It will also go in the winter in an aggressive form – both our offensive and their defense. And they can continue to try Perth somewhere. But the weather conditions will play more in our favor, – said the soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He stressed that we need to continue to help the Ukrainian military. After all, cars break down, drones fall, so we must not stop doing this until we win.

The Russians have much worse supplies, and with these “shmobs” it will fall even worse. Therefore, directly and in winter, they will freeze more, get sick more, communication will be worse, – said Karas.

In addition, he noted, the Russians will have significant problems with logistics and health if someone will not go there or take the wrong position. Therefore, the cold snap will still play in favor of the Ukrainians.

The situation at the front: the latest news

  • Ukrainian defenders continue to heroically defend native land from Russian invaders. The enemy is being damaged in all directions.
  • The Russian occupiers still have not abandoned their intentions to occupy the entire Donetsk region. They also want to keep all the occupied territories.
  • Recently, the infidels have changed the weapons they use to attack the Odessa region. Now they are using Shahed-136 kamikaze drones provided by Iran. And the APU continues to destroy them.

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