In Zaporozhye, the Furnikov family died along with 8-month-old Emilia: what is known about them


In Zaporozhye, the Furnikov family died along with 8-month-old Emilia: what is known about them

The rocket attack of the invaders on Zaporozhye on March 2 claimed the lives of the Furnikov family. Mom, dad and 8-month-old died under the rubble.

Details about the family that died as a result of the attack by the occupiers were told by the godfather of Kamila and Ilya Furnikov Anna.

On her Instagram, the woman said that she had been waiting at the entrance of the destroyed house for 2 days in the hope that her goddaughter and the parents of the child would be found alive. However, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen.

Pain, just pain, they mercilessly tore out the heart, broke and crippled the soul … A thousand words “for what”? Eternal memory and a wound for life … Light clouds to you, my little and forever smiling girl. I'm sorry that they didn't save it, – wrote the godfather of Kamila Anna.

8-month-old Emilia / Photo from Godmother Anna's Instagram

The apartment in which the family lived was completely destroyed by a Russian missile. The bodies of the spouses and the child were pulled out from under the rubble by rescuers. The relatives of the victims did not want to believe until the very end that the young family was no more.

The family returned to Zaporozhye a few days before the tragedy

The public organization “Khortitskaya Guard” noted that at the beginning of the war, the Furnikov family left the occupied native village of Verbove in Zaporozhye. The couple lived for some time in the west of Ukraine. And Furniki returned to Zaporozhye a few days before the tragedy.

The Furnikov family / Photo by Ukrayinska Pravda

What is known about the shelling of a residential building in Zaporozhye

  • On the night of March 2, the Russian invaders launched a missile attack on Zaporozhye. The enemy hit a multi-storey building. The Russians attacked with S-300 missiles.
  • An enemy missile hit a five-story building directly. As a result, part of the building collapsed. In addition to the destroyed five-story building, another 15 high-rise buildings were damaged. Their windows were shattered and their balconies damaged.
  • The State Emergency Service reported that the death toll from the missile attack had increased. As of the morning of March 5, 13 people are known to have been killed by the Russian military.

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