Indestructible, and therefore independent, Zelensky visited a military hospital on the Day of Defenders


Indestructible, and therefore independent, – Zelensky visited a military hospital on Defenders Day

On the Day of Defenders and Defenders, Vladimir Zelensky visited the military and doctors in the hospital. The President thanked them for their service and presented them with awards.

The Ukrainian leader visited the intensive care and trauma departments. The President learned about the injuries of the fighters, the course of treatment and recovery.

Zelensky presented awards to the military and doctors

Our defenders and protectors! Strong, and therefore we are free. Indestructible, and therefore we are independent. Repeatedly proved: the aggressor will never be able to defeat the Ukrainian people! Thank you for protecting our state,” the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

Vladimir Zelensky also talked to:

  • wounded soldiers in the military hospital and presented them with awards for courage and dedication shown in protecting the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine;
  • medical personnel and presented them with awards for their dedication and professionalism, providing medical care and saving people's lives under martial law.

The President of Ukraine thanked our soldiers and wished them a speedy recovery.

< p>“You are also the defenders of Ukraine, as you save the lives of our soldiers. All the fighters say that our doctors are of the highest class. Thank you and your families for having such people with us,” Zelensky told the doctors.

Zelensky visits military hospital: watch video

The Office of the President assured that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the hospital has created an effective system for evacuating the wounded for appropriate treatment. , of which more than 60% recovered and returned to combat units, the message says.

According to the Office of the President, the hospital constantly helps the Ukrainian soldiers released from captivity, because the system of psychological rehabilitation is well-established there.

Zelensky visited the wounded soldiers/Photo by OP

Zelensky congratulated defenders and defenders

It is worth remembering that on the Day of Defenders and Defenders, Volodymyr Zelensky thanked those who daily and tirelessly defend our state. The President also noted that our defenders are fighting for freedom for all future generations.

Absolute heroes. Capitalized people. Our defenders and defenders,” he stressed.

Vladimir Zelensky published a video in which you can see cuts from the life of civilians, defending the Ukrainian military from the enemy and the defenders themselves during the performance of titanic work.

< p>There were those in the video, thanks to whom we are happy and cry when we see the flags of Ukraine raised over the de-occupied settlements, those who risk their own lives so that we can all live, work and support the army.

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