India and China will pay for aggression against Ukraine from Russia, – Tsymbalyuk


India and China will pay for aggression against Ukraine from Russia, - Tsymbalyuk

China's intentions to mediate a war between Russia and Ukraine testify to its desire to play in the “first league” on the world stage. The situation has reached the point where Russia is already paying for the war against Ukraine with Chinese expansion into the eastern, yet Russian, territories.

Journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk told Channel 24 about this. According to him, in the modern world it makes no sense to fight in order to put your flag on the territory, for this it is enough to create conditions for them to want it themselves. That is what China is doing now.

China absorbs Russia

China is unlikely to see Russia as a military ally, given its ignominy in the war with Ukraine. But Russia can be a resource donor for the PRC, which can get some weapons or shells, but get rid of its territories in the East.

Russia may cede territory in exchange for military assistance to China: watch the video

Roman Tsymbalyuk believes that in this case there is not even a subject for discussion, because this is actually happening.

Over the past year, trade between Russia and China has almost doubled. This nomenclature includes oil, gas, coal, timber, etc. – said the journalist.

Tsymbalyuk is confident that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is already fulfilling all the wishes of the Chinese people in full. He noted that, despite the competition between China and the West, China adheres to the limit price in the purchase of Russian hydrocarbons, which was set by the EU.

“They said yes, they will buy what Russia supplied to the West, but at the prices that they themselves set. It all works. Yes, Russia will pay for its crimes everywhere – both in China and in India, including “, the journalist said.

How China uses the Russian-Ukrainian war

  • Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, China has not condemned Russia's actions. At the same time, China only noted that it was necessary to conduct negotiations and published 12 points of an allegedly peaceful settlement.
  • Chinese leader Xi Jinping, after finally usurping power in the country, began to actively develop ties with the puppet regime of Belarus and the countries of the Middle East.
  • There is a risk that China may begin to help Russia with weapons, but military expert Pyotr Chernik believes that such assistance will achieve the maximum through joint factories for the production of drone weapons and certain spare parts.

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