India returned to Russia a leased nuclear submarine

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India returned to Russia a leased nuclear submarine

In 2012, India leased a Project 971 Nerpa nuclear submarine from Russia. Now the submarine is returning to its homeland.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the nuclear submarine in India was called Chakra. There are several versions about why the country's naval forces (Navy) are returning it to Russia. The first says that the lease has expired. According to the second, the submarine was rented for ten years, and it had to be returned ahead of schedule “due to problems of its maintenance, including the power plant.”

Now the submarine is heading to Vladivostok, accompanied by ships from Russia and India.

It is noted that the Project 971 Nerpa nuclear submarine has become the second in history leased by India from Russia. In 1988, the first country's navy received a Project 670 Skat K-43 submarine on lease.

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