Infantry invasions, – the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the new tactics of the Russians at Bakhmut


Infantry invasions, – AFU military spoke about new Russian tactics near Bakhmut

The situation in the Bakhmut direction remains very tense. The Russian military continues to go on the offensive, despite the huge number of dead.

They go on the attack, without exaggeration, over the mountains of their corpses. ThisChannel 24 was told by a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yevgeny Firsov.

What is the tactics of the Russians

According to Firsov, the captured Russian soldiers either pretend or really do not fully understand the current situation. They realize all its horror only when they see their army defeated and hundreds of corpses on the line of collision.

Infantry invasions – such tactics are used in the Bakhmut direction. Once upon a time, the enemy tried to break through with tanks, then bombarded everything that was possible with cannon artillery, MLRS systems, – said the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now, he continued, Russians are divided into small groups. They develop detailed tactics, a quadcopter flies over them, controlling them to go on the attack, they are forbidden to turn back unless they are wounded. Mostly these are Wagnerites, however, Firsov noted, other private military companies are already starting to operate there.

“They go, go and go on the offensive. Our guys only have time to reload and change barrels,” the military man noted.

As Firsov notes, the machine-gun belt needs to be reloaded frequently, the ammunition on the front line ends, the barrels in the machine guns also overheat. The Ukrainian defenders are making every effort to crush the enemy advances.

The last losses of the enemy

  • There are fierce battles in the East of Ukraine, in during which the Russian army suffers colossal losses. Yes, over the past day alone, our soldiers destroyed another 650 invaders.
  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia's total combat losses in the war against Ukraine already amount to 126,160 military. At the same time, information about the exact number of wounded invaders is not provided.
  • In addition to manpower, the enemy is also losing his equipment. As of today, Ukrainian fighters have destroyed at least: 3,198 tanks, 6,366 armored combat vehicles, 2,195 artillery systems, 253 MLRS, 221 air defense systems, 293 aircraft, 284 helicopters, 1,947 UAVs of tactical vehicles and tankers, and 199 units special equipment.

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