Infectionist appreciated the idea of wearing two masks

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Infectionist appreciated the idea of wearing two masks

The head of the therapeutic department of the Israeli hospital Shamar Asaf Ha-Rofe, infectious disease doctor Galina Goltsman appreciated the idea of wearing two masks to protect against COVID-19. RIA Novosti quoted her words.

The infectious disease specialist said that wearing two masks at the same time, as practiced by some American officials, is in no way justified in terms of the available scientific evidence. In addition, this method can lead to drowsiness, so the specialist recommends using one face shield.

“They want to wear two masks – let them wear them, but this does not need to be done, one mask is enough. Every thing also has a negative effect, because when a person breathes, he gives off carbon dioxide. On the one hand, two masks, of course, protect, a smaller amount of virus particles can penetrate through them, but on the other hand, a person inhales less oxygen. He creates an increased content of carbon dioxide around his nose, and he may become tired, and sleepy, and an increase in carbon dioxide in his blood, ”Goltsman said.

The doctor recalled that a person wearing a regular mask in compliance with the rules, in the case when he communicates with another person wearing a mask, is reliably protected from COVID-19 infection.

Earlier, several American officials, including current US President Joe Biden, were seen wearing a protective cloth mask over an N95 respirator.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises people who have had COVID-19 to continue to comply with antiviral measures, including wearing masks and physical distance.

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