Information terrorism tool: Russia uses MEP for its propaganda


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<p>Russia uses an Italian MP for its propaganda/Photo from open sources</p>
<p _ngcontent-sc83= Russia is actively spreading its propaganda abroad. In particular, the aggressor state is increasingly using “Western experts” to justify its crimes.

The infamous MEP Francesca Donato has become the mouthpiece of the Kremlin. It is interesting that she has been actively promoting pro-Russian narratives in the West for several years now.

Russia is using an Italian MP for its propaganda

MEP Francesca Donato voted against the imposition of sanctions against Russia. In addition, on her Twitter page, she actively publishes information that discredits Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

For example, she calls any evidence of the crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine a lie. Meta (formerly Facebook) blocked Francesca Donato's page due to the spread of a tough anti-Ukrainian position.

Francesca Donato repeatedly accused the European Union of Russia attacking Ukraine. To do this, she used the well-known thesis of the Kremlin about “provoking Putin.” In addition, Russia recently used Donato to manipulate evidence about Russian atrocities in Bucha.

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