Inhuman conditions – the head of the Avdiivka VGA on the humanitarian situation in Donbas


Inhuman conditions, – head of the Avdiivka VGA on the humanitarian situation in Donbas

Barabash on the situation in Avdiivka/Collage of Channel 24

Due to the constant shelling of the occupiers, not a single surviving building remained in Avdiivka, Donetsk region. Despite this, about 2.5 thousand inhabitants continue to live in the city.


Head of the Avdiivka city military-civilian administration Vitaliy Barabash spoke about this Channel 24. According to him, the enemy shells Avdiivka every day.

The situation in Avdiivka

Barabash stressed that the situation in the city is very difficult.

These are inhuman conditions. We have been without water for about 180 days. Even before the beginning of this active phase, there was no water. There is no gas, there is no heat and there won't be, – said the head of the Avdiivka VGA.

According to him, the authorities tried to the last to satisfy at least one of the needs of the townspeople – electricity. But the electricity also went out 3 months ago.

In what conditions do people live

People who stay in the city live in the basements of multi-storey buildings.

Some of them have never even gone outside for 3-4 months, – stressed the head of the Avdiivka VGA.

According to him, it is still possible to deliver humanitarian aid to the city. However, this is very difficult, since the shelling does not stop at all.

The scale of destruction

Barabash said that as a result of enemy shelling, another 1.5 months ago, the city was completely destroyed and not a single surviving building remained. According to him, it is difficult to assess what the situation is now.

Every day we do not even have time to count the shelling. There are several hits on the same buildings, he noted.

Why do people stay in Avdiivka

Due to intense enemy attacks the government announced a mandatory evacuation of residents from Donetsk Oblast. Despite this, not all residents are ready to leave the frontline Avdiivka

“There are various reasons why people do not leave. Some say there is nowhere to go. Some do not have the means,” Barabash said.

According to him, preliminary negotiations were held with representatives of the authorities of Kamensky and Uman in order to accommodate the evacuated residents of Avdiivka in these cities. People were even shown what conditions they would live in.

But, unfortunately, people don't leave too much. Leave from 5 to 12 people a day. But this is very little. We need a little more,” Barabash emphasized.

Vitaly Barabash spoke about the situation in Donbas: watch the video

The situation in Donbass: latest news

  • In recent days, Russian infidels have stepped up their attempts to storm the Donbass. On August 3, the Russians actively “poured” fire on the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka direction. However, they failed to achieve the desired results and improve their tactical position.
  • The Russians switched to frontal attacks in the Avdiivka direction. As military analyst Yigal Levin explained, the main goal of such attacks is to identify the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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