Injured leg and 128 kilometers covered: the third day of the Czech marathon to Donbass


Injured leg and 128 kilometers covered: the third day of the Czech Donbas marathon

While we go about our business, volunteer Petr continues to move towards his goal. In the truest sense of the word. After 3 days, the Czech approached the Donetsk region by 128 kilometers. Currently, it is located in the Dolinsky district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Read more in the exclusive blog for Channel 24 website in direct speech.

Czechs amaze with powerful support

It amazes me how the Czechs supported this idea. My friends just leave their homes and run a marathon of several kilometers to show their solidarity.

At the same time, I am sad that my acquaintances from Transcarpathia simply ignore this and do not join the collection. You know me and you know that all the money will definitely go where it needs to go. Even my Czech friend, who is now fighting in the East of Ukraine as a volunteer, sent money. Therefore, I urge you to support the collection, because even 10 hryvnias are important.

Pay attention!You can join the fundraiser for drones and cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by transferring money to the card: 4790 7299 1942 5850 (Card owner Ivan Shmanio).

Peter's friend ran a marathon in support of Ukraine in the Czech Republic/Photo courtesy of the author

Peter got partners

During these 3 days I met a lot of people. When people find out where I'm going, they offer money or some kind of help. But I don’t take money, but I say that they transfer it to the collection card for the Armed Forces.

By the way, I was stopped by the police on the way and they were checking my documents. They were shocked when they found out that I was going to the Donetsk region and asked if I had lost my mind. But then they wished me a good road and thanked for the support of Ukraine.

The owner of the house where I rented a lodging for the night filled a vat free of charge so that I could rest from the road. The hospitality of Ukrainians, as always, is impressive.

In general, now the path is somewhat easier. I have a friend Ivan with me in a car, and he carries my things. Therefore, now only the legs suffer, but not the back. By the way, he brought my dog ​​Roxy. Therefore, I have a companion on the road.

Due to the wounded leg, I have to go to the doctor

Today I have to go to the doctor. I fell on a slippery road and my left leg was very swollen. I worry that there is no inflammation of the tendon, because I have more than 1 thousand kilometers ahead of me. And my pace slowed down because of the pain. Immediately after the fall, I walked 1 kilometer for an hour and a half.

I have already managed to collect 52,000 crowns and 11,000 hryvnias. The plans are one and a half million crowns.

Petr has already passed the Transcarpathian region/Volunteer photo

Important! Petr plans to collect 1 krona for 1 completed step. He set off from the city of Khust in Transcarpathia and plans to reach the Donetsk region on February 24. Read the next volunteer's blog about the path traveled and the money raised on the websiteChannel 24 in a few days.

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