Inspired by Nikolaev, – in the Odessa OVA announced an increase in the number of discovered collaborators


Inspired by Nikolaev, - Odesa OVA announced an increase in the number of detected collaborators

Increase in the number of detected collaborators/Collage Channel 24

In Odessa, counter-sabotage work with detained collaborators is underway and operational and investigative actions are being carried out.


On the air 24 channelsthis was confirmed by a representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, Sergei Bratchuk.

He gave the example of the detention of a man who had ammunition and weapons found at home. One can draw parallels that she is really involved in some kind of sabotage.

As for collaborators and so-called agitators in social networks, they are being discovered. Let's just say that the level of their detection has become much higher. Almost every day they find such people, – said Sergey Bratchuk.

According to him, residents of Odessa are also very actively working and helping in this direction. Almost all of their data are confirmed.

Sergey Bratchuk added that, perhaps, the example of Nikolaev prompted this. After all, they tried to identify the spotters there and announced an extended curfew.

The latest news that happened in Odessa

  • On August 13, a Russian drone was destroyed in the sky over the Odessa region. This was reported in the Public Relations Service of the Yug Air Command.
  • Earlier, the invaders could break into the Odessa region, now it will be very difficult for them. This was told by Major General Dmitry Marchenko.
  • infidels tried to hit the Odessa region with the Onyx anti-ship missile. The enemy fired a deadly missile from the Crimean direction. However, a Russian missile exploded in the air on approach to land.
  • In Odessa, they want to demolish the monument to the Russian Empress Catherine II. President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to the petition of a caring Ukrainian.

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