Instead of a son, flowers and a cake: officials pleased the families of the dead occupiers with a “surprise”


Instead of a son –, flowers and a cake: officials pleased the families of the dead occupiers with a "surprise"

In Dagestan, cakes and flowers were presented to relatives of invaders who died in the war against Ukraine. So the local authorities thanked the grief-stricken mothers for the sons who “served in the interests of the motherland.”

The local authorities decided to reassure the families of the dead Russian invaders and console their grief with sweet gifts. Obviously, “Ladas” and fur coats for dead sons are handed out only to the local elite.

Details of the incident

In Dagestan, which is part of the North Caucasian Federal District of Russia, the administration of the Sergokalinsky district presented flowers and “sweet presents” to the families of the dead invaders.

December 9, our country celebrates Heroes of the Fatherland Day . The Sergokalinsky district held a number of events dedicated to this holiday, in particular, the presentation of flowers with sweet presents to the families of the fallen servicemen in the NVO, the district administration said.

The video shows how representatives of local authorities came to their wives, children and parents with sweets and bouquets of flowers in their hands. It is ironic that they read the text of gratitude from the leaflets that they handed to the families of the victims.

In general, local officials in caps expressed condolences to the families of the victims of condolences and thanked “for the courage and bravery of the sons and men” who fought for interests of the aggressor country.

In other regions, relatives of the invaders are given shaving foam, sausages and dumplings

  • On February 23, in the Leningrad Region, relatives of those who died in the war in Ukraine on the day of the Russian defender homeland gave shaving foam and shampoo.
  • A day earlier, the administration of Vladivostok handed sausage sets to the spouses of the dead dead Russian invaders.
  • On February 17, in the village of Aldan-Maadir, the family of the occupier liquidated in the war in Ukraine was thanked a pack of dumplings. Their second son is still fighting in the so-called “special operation”, so it is likely that the family will soon receive a second pack of dumplings.

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