Intelligence provided: US convinced Europe of Russia preparing an attack on Ukraine

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Provided intelligence: the United States convinced Europe that Russia was preparing an attack on Ukraine

This stimulated Europe to “support the idea of ​​the need for serious threats of sanctions to contain the Kremlin,” the newspaper notes. strong>

After providing intelligence information, the United States was able to convince European countries that Russia was preparing an invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported by the “Financial Times” , writes Interfax-Ukraine.

“Weeks of continuous US diplomatic engagement with European governments, backed by intelligence exchanges (…), helped convince some previously skeptical capitals, including Berlin, that the Kremlin may soon send troops to Ukraine, “the article says.

Earlier, the Associated Press, citing a source and The Washington Post, reported that American intelligence had discovered that the Kremlin was planning an offensive against Ukraine in early 2022 on several fronts. Already at the beginning of next year, Russia may apply 175 thousand servicemen. An American intelligence document obtained by The Washington Post, including satellite photographs, shows that Russian troops are milling about in four locations. According to the document, 50 combat tactical groups are currently deployed, as well as newly arrived tanks and artillery.

An administration official told the agency on condition of anonymity that the data on such dates “were obtained by the US intelligence services,” besides, “half of the Russian personnel have already been deployed near the border with Ukraine.” He added that “the plans call for the relocation of 100 battalion tactical groups along with armored vehicles, artillery and equipment.” The amount of materials and details shared by the other 29 NATO allies was assessed by one of the official sources as “comprehensive.” military to the borders of Ukraine and the occupied territories . The Ukrainian side is considering the possibility of a new attack by Russia, which is likely to occur at the end of January.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the significant, unusual concentration of Russian forces on the border is alarming, as it is accompanied by heightened rhetoric.

Stoltenberg called on Russia for transparency, de-escalation and a reduction in tensions, and warned that aggression against Ukraine would cost Russia dearly and would have serious political and economic consequences.

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