International expedition to study natural changes in the Arctic returned to Murmansk

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SAINT PETERSBURG, September 8. / TASS /. The international expedition “Arctic – 2021”, which carried out a comprehensive study of the state of the Arctic nature in the face of climate change, came to the end by returning to the port of Murmansk on the scientific expedition vessel “Akademik Tryoshnikov” of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI). This was reported on Wednesday in the official telegram channel of the AARI “Ice”.

“The Russian-German-Swiss expedition” Arctic-2021 “has been completed. The research vessel” Akademik Tryoshnikov “has returned to the port of Murmansk, along with the AARI scientists,” the message says.

As the press service explained, during the month of the voyage, we carried out an extensive research program at 125 sites in the Barents, Kara and Laptev Seas, as well as on the hard-to-reach islands of the high-latitude Arctic.

“During the entire route, atmospheric parameters were measured in real time. The expedition combined various research programs: from observation of biological organisms to instrumental study of the ocean, land and atmosphere,” the message says.

The expedition was organized by the AARI jointly with the Swiss Polar Fund.

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