Internet Ombudsman Explains Whether Russia Expects Internet Control Like in China

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Internet Ombudsman Explains Whether Russia Expects Internet Control Like in China

The Internet Ombudsman explained whether the Russian Federation is waiting for the control of the Internet as in China Marinichev noted that a bright competitive environment has developed in our country.

Internet Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Dmitry Marinichev assessed the possibility of creating an analogue of the Great Chinese Firewall in Russia.

According to the expert, it is theoretically possible to repeat the Chinese experience in the Russian Federation, but in this case it will be necessary to intervene very strongly in the entire business environment, in the business ecosystem. Therefore, Russia chose a different path, developing a “sovereign Internet”.

“This is a kind of adjustment over the commercial competitive environment of all telecom operators, which allows the state to intervene in traffic control, in its passage, bypassing direct participants. This is such a Russian invention, at least it is definitely not found anywhere in the world. It is fraught with dangers, unpredictability in work and potential disruptions, because, as you know, seven nannies have a child without an eye, ”he said on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio (

Marinichev explained that in this case there is no person specifically responsible for the information transport section.

“And this is not just a paradox, but it is a planted mine that can explode at any moment. But at the same time, we still have a rather bright competitive environment, everyone can lay fiber from one city to another or from one office to another office, and here we are more like Europe or the United States in terms of the development of communication networks, ”he said …

“To do it like in China – no, I'm afraid it will not work right on the head, because, I repeat, this is fraught with major changes in the competitive landscape and in economic policy,” he summed up.

Earlier, Marinichev told what the widespread blocking of access to certain resources can lead to.

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