Invaders begin to clean up their own, – Fedorov about blowing up a car with collaborator Tkach in Melitopol


Invaders begin to clean up their own, - Fedorov about blowing up a car with collaborator Tkach in Melitopol

Ivan Fedorov said that in Melitopol, only the director of the City Transport enterprise, Ivan Tkach, was injured in the explosion. He was a collaborator.

The explosion in the city was heard on the afternoon of March 14 in the very center. The mayor of Melitopol said that it was loud in the courtyard of a residential area on Heroiv Ukrainy Street.

What is known about the destruction of the collaborator in Melitopol

No one except the Weaver was hurt. Information about two more wounded is another propaganda that the enemies are trying to disperse, Ivan Fedorov assured.

Thus, he refuted the allegations that an employee of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “City Transport” Elena Sivashchenko was allegedly in the blown up car and that her condition was allegedly serious.

The mayor also said that he believes that the occupants themselves did it: “… For they are beginning to clean up their own traitors . The weaver had information about which of the military moved where, who was transferred.

The mayor of Melitopol assured that it was under the chairmanship of Ivan Tkach at the bus station “Melitopol” that they arranged an overnight stay for the Russian military, who were transported from one place to another.

However, Fedorov noted that all the locations of the collaborators are very well known to our local residents and the resistance forces.

What is known about the activities of the Weaver

Ivan Fedorov said that, according to his information, no one forced Tkach to cooperate with the occupying “authorities”. Like, he himself took the initiative. The mayor said that:

  • Tkach has been cooperating since March 2022;
  • in occupied Melitopol, he was one of the first to organize passenger transportation between the occupied territories of Ukraine, the occupied Crimea and Russia.

In addition, Ivan Fedorov told Espresso that the collaborator Tkach in the so-called Balitsky team was the main “caretaker” in the field of passenger transportation not only in Melitopol, but throughout the entire occupied part of the Zaporozhye region.

What is known about the explosion in Melitopol

  • On March 14, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was blown up in the center of Melitopol. The car caught fire.
  • Subsequently, the media wrote that the local collaborator Ivan Tkach was in the car. After the explosion, he went to the “Kobzon concert”. Although at first they tried to save him and even took him to the hospital.
  • The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that Ivan Tkach began to cooperate with the occupiers from the first weeks of the complete occupation of the city.

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