Invaders control most of Severodonetsk – Gaidai on the fighting on the streets of the city


The invaders control most of Severodonetsk, – Gaidai about the fighting on the streets of the city

Fighting for Severodonetsk continues/Collage of Channel 24

The hot battle for Severodonetsk continues. The occupiers do not stop trying to storm, but our brave defenders and defenders give the enemy a reckless rebuff and hold the defense.

Russian infidels have set as their goal the capture of Severodonetsk before June 10th. Our heroic defenders and defenders are doing everything to make this plan of the enemy added to the list of failed tasks of the Russians in the war against Ukraine. p>According to the head of the Luhansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai, everyone should understand that Severodonetsk is a small city, it is a square of four by four kilometers. Therefore, the control of just a few streets is already a significant indicator, if we measure the situation “who controls the city” in percentage.

Fights are taking place on the streets of the city, not just in the industrial zone. The Russians really now control most of the city, but active fighting does not stop, – said Gaidai.

He also added that there is no patch in the city that would not be fired upon by Russian infidels. The enemy uses tanks and artillery.

As for Lisichansk, it is completely under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. His Russian army is also actively shelling, especially trying to get into the hospital, humanitarian aid centers, and does not stop the chaotic shelling of residential buildings. Due to the fact that the enemy brings a large caliber of weapons, the destruction is very great.

As for the enemy's attempts to cordon off our defenders and defenders in the Luhansk region, now there is also no threat. The situation is difficult, but under the control of our heroes. The enemy wants to enter the administrative borders of the region, now he controls 90% of the territory of the Luhansk region.

News from the front: briefly about the main thing

  • In the Donbas, Russian infidels went on the attack 7 times . Our heroes repelled all enemy attacks, eliminated more than 30 infidels and shot down 6 Orlan-10 drones.
  • There is no possibility to evacuate people from Severodonetsk. The enemy is constantly advancing and shelling the city, so there is simply no chance of guaranteeing the safety of civilians.

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