Invaders give themselves away – Gumenyuk smashed the version of the Russians about the shelling of the Antonovsky bridge


Occupiers betray themselves, – Gumenyuk smashed the Russian version of the shelling of the Antonovsky bridge< /p>

occupiers disperse reports that civilians were killed from the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the crossing of the Antonovsky bridge. However, the Russians are lying again, because during the curfew there could not be civilians there.

The propagandists give themselves away, confusing their own statements. This was stated on the air of the telethon by the head of the joint coordination press center of the Southern Defense Forces Natalya Gumenyuk, channel 24 reports.

occupiers change into civilian clothes< /h2>

Gumenyuk confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep the bridge under fire control. However, she noted that the Ukrainian military does not hit civilian settlements and the local population.

There could not have been civilians on the bridge at that time – the occupiers themselves claim this. Then there was a curfew, and strict measures can be taken against violators. The Russians are known to move around the city and region using stolen property and civilian clothes.

They are trying to hide their affiliation with the military and make a picture, they say, that civilians are really being shelled. .. They even forget to cut the price tags off their tracksuits,” Gumenyuk noted. as if the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately hit a column of journalists. Two journalists are said to have died. In total, they talk about 4 dead and 13 wounded.

Andrey Tsaplienko's telegram channel noted that as a result of a strike on a Russian crossing in Kherson, Russian propagandist Oleg Klokov, who helped the occupiers to launch a propaganda channel, was eliminated.< /p>

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