Invaders in Mariupol break into all the surviving houses and plunder people's property


Invaders in Mariupol are breaking into all the surviving houses and plundering people's property

Russian military in Mariupol./russian media

The Russian military began to equip “peaceful life” in besieged Mariupol. The occupiers break into the surviving houses and plunder people's property.

Russians designate buildings with a Z sign that will be used for their own needs

Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko spoke about the situation in the city. According to him, after creating the illusion of a peaceful life in Mariupol, the infidels moved on to settling down.

As Andryushchenko said, “searches and cleansings” are now taking place in the Primorsky district of Mariupol. Vadim Boichenko's deputy said that Russian infidels break into all surviving houses and plunder people's property.

Those who decide to use them for their own resettlement are marked with the letter Z on the gate. Others are plundered, left open, and they are planned for further compact settlement in the “conditional security” zone of Mariupol residents. he wrote in a telegram.

According to Andryushchenko, infidels announced the opening of the first social hostel near the Marine Lyceum. Now the Mariupol authorities are establishing where it will be located and who the infidels plan to settle.

What is the situation in Mariupol

  • Russia has been holding Mariupol in a blockade for two months now and is disrupting the evacuation of the civilian population with shelling . The invaders are deporting Ukrainians and setting up filtration camps.
  • The invaders created a humanitarian catastrophe in the city and almost completely destroyed Mariupol. The Ukrainian military are at Azovstal along with civilians. Also, our defenders are located at 4 more points in the city.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order not to storm Azovstal, but the Russian military continues to bombard.
  • According to preliminary data, Mariupol has already about 22 thousand people died. The satellite has already recorded the third mass grave near the city. In addition, the Russians have deployed mobile crematoria.

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