Invaders make money on graves in Mariupol: Andryushchenko on approximate numbers of dead


Invaders make money on graves in Mariupol: Andriushchenko on approximate numbers of dead

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the Russians make money by reburial of the dead citizens. At the same time, today there is no truthful information about the real number of Mariupol residents who died due to Russian aggression.

Ukraine will be able to find out the truth about this only after the complete de-occupation of the city. This was told by Channel 24 Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.

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What we see from the mass graves is that 22,000 people are exactly buried. There are still people who are not buried. It is possible that the real numbers are much worse than 22-25 thousand. But I don’t think that at the official level they will not change yet, because there is no other method how to list them more precisely, Andryushchenko explained.

He added that a large number of people were missing and how to search for them today – it's not clear.

“Approximately 10,000 Mariupol civilians are in captivity – in filtration prisons. Perhaps this is what complicates the calculation of the real number of people,” a representative of the mayor's office believes.

Something went wrong for the infidels: watch the video

What is the situation in Mariupol today

Andryushchenko said that in the city the occupiers cleared mainly those rubble under which there could be the most people.

“Where there were people, they destroyed everything cleared. The corpses that were there were pulled up and buried in mass graves. However, the rubble still remains, and no one really sorts them out, because at first they dismantled those ruins where there were a lot of people,” the adviser noted.

He also added that the invaders exhumed and cleaned up the corpses, but the graves are still in the Primorsky district and in the private sector.

There are no corpses on the streets, but there are graves made by hand a lot more. Also, the death rate in the city does not fall and its level is 5 times higher than before the war. The situation, unfortunately, is not getting better, Andriushchenko noted.

How the occupiers make money on reburials

Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol noted that in the city in fact, there are no mass graves left.

“The only mass grave that was in the historical cemetery was reburied in Stary Krym. They continue to dig trenches there, bury and exhume. If at first they did it for free, now any reburial costs 30-35 thousand hryvnia,” the representative explained. city ​​hall.

He stressed that due to the difficult financial situation, people do not stand in line to rebury their loved ones. However, he said that the process “includes the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate”, who say that “it is not humane when people are buried in the yards.”

Therefore, even from the evacuation , people are trying to find someone to be reburied. Finally, they are reburied. If there are no relatives on the spot, then the invaders simply took the body from the grave, threw it into a mass grave and buried it. This kind of “earnings” of infidels continues,” Andryushchenko pointed out.

He added that other mass graves in the city are not being made yet.

“The main number of burial grounds was raised. Almost all of the large buildings, where 100 and 200 people each, were dismantled,” a representative of the Mariupol City Hall summed up.

Occupation of Mariupol: recent events

  • On August 25, a fire broke out in Russian-occupied Mariupol, which spread from the field to the surviving houses. the occupiers were not going to do anything, so people have to fight the elements on their own.
  • Russians do not give up hope of holding pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories. In particular, active preparation of Russians for this was noticed in Mariupol. But first they need to capture the entire Donetsk region, and this looks unrealistic yet.
  • According to the GUR, the majority of Mariupol residents are not going to vote during the so-called “referendum”. Many are embittered at the invaders.
  • Vice President of Mariupol Andrey Sanin showed how the occupation of the city affected the football club. The photo shows how the training fields of the Azov team fell into disrepair.

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