Invaders shelled a house in Sumy: there is a dead and wounded

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Invaders shelled a house in Sumy: there is a dead and wounded

In Sumy, a man was killed and a woman was wounded during an artillery shelling of a residential sector by the Russian occupation forces.

Rescuers found the body of a man during the analysis of the destroyed structures.

The wounded woman was on the street. She was immediately taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Artillery shelling of a residential sector on the street. Agricultural machinery in Sumy occurred on the evening of February 26.

Two fire and rescue units were involved in the elimination of the fires.

A Russian shell also hit a nine-story building in Kharkov. As a result, a woman died, two dozen people were evacuated.

During the night of February 27, the Russian occupying troops committed two man-made disasters in Ukraine at once – they launched a missile attack on an oil depot in the village of Kryachki near Vasilkov and blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkov.

The fire at the oil depot near Vasilkov, which happened after hitting one of the 10 tanks with fuel, cannot be eliminated by rescuers yet, because there is a battle for the airport.

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