Invaders themselves understand that Russia has already lost globally – Tsymbalyuk


Invaders they themselves understand that Russia has already lost globally, – Tsymbalyuk

Russia has already globally lost the war against Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

The Russian invaders already understand that they have lost the war against Ukraine globally. They will not be able to fulfill their main task.

This was stated by Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk during a YouTube stream on Channel 24. According to him, the Russian invaders already understand that in a global sense they have lost the war. Therefore, they have completely inadequate and comical ideas.

They ask for another 500,000 “cannon fodder” for Donbass

Russian invaders are gradually realizing that can'tfulfill the main task of Vladimir Putin – eliminate independent Ukraine . They literally do not have enough strength to continue large-scale offensive operations and occupy new territories.

Tsymbalyuk recalled a somewhat hysterical and ridiculous statement by one of the Russian war correspondents who runs around with a camera in the combat zone. He generally stated that in order to complete all the tasks, at least 500 thousand soldiers need to be sent to Donbass.

He literally said that another 500,000 soldiers were needed for the Donbass. Because otherwise it seems to be impossible to complete the task, – Tsymbalyuk said.

The Russian correspondent even figured out where to get such a significant amount of “cannon fodder”. He proposed to mobilize grocery store security guards.

Tsymbalyuk was surprised at such a ridiculous statement by a Russian correspondent. It's just “brilliant”solution of all problems.

“If all grocery store guards are sent to Donetsk and Luhansk, then an interesting phenomenon will happen. Sausages will simply be stolen in grocery stores. And not only in grocery stores,” said Roman Tsymbalyuk.

Russia has begun to attract fewer war correspondents

The Center for Combating Disinformation (CDI) under the National Security and Defense Council noted that there are much fewer stories with the participation of war correspondents on Russian propaganda channels. At the start of offensive operations, they often attracted these apostates. But now they are practically non-existent – the media relay only official propaganda materials about the successes of the invaders.

The reasons may be different . Among the probable ones is the “professional” work of correspondents who accidentally brought the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to ammunition depots or other important positions of the occupiers. It is also quite real that the infidels have fewer reasons for optimistic stories.

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