iPhone has learned to recognize masked people

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iPhone has learned to recognize masked people

Apple has updated iOS and added several new features to the iPhone. This follows from the description of the update in the settings of the brand's smartphones.

With the release of the public version of iOS 14.5, the company's smartphones have learned to recognize masked people. However, for the new option to work, the user must have an Apple Watch that supports the latest watchOS 7.4 update and a phone with Face ID. When you bring the smartphone to a masked face, the iPhone will use the camera to identify the protective accessory and send a request to the user's watch. If Apple Watch is unlocked, Face ID will unlock iPhone.

If the smartphone does not detect the mask on the face of the owner of the device, it will try to scan the face via Face ID. If the phone does not recognize the owner, it will ask you to enter a digital password. To activate this feature, you need to go to the Face ID settings and set the “Unlock from Apple Watch” slider to the active position.

It is clarified that the new option only works when unlocking the smartphone. When purchasing apps or trying to pay with Apple Pay, the gadget will prompt you to scan your face with Face ID or enter a digital password.

Also in iOS 14.5, Siri voice settings were added, support for two SIM cards for 5G, more than 200 new emojis.

Rumors that the iPhone will be able to unlock via smartwatches appeared in February. Earlier in 2020, Apple added a setting that allows the smartphone to detect a face shield on the wearer's face. In this case, the iPhone will not scan the face, but will immediately prompt the user to enter a digital password.

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