Iran and Serbia suddenly abandoned Russia: this process cannot be stopped


Iran and Serbia suddenly renounced Russia: this process cannot be stopped

Two milestone events have taken place this week. Iran has declared that it does not recognize Russia's new or old territorial gains in Ukraine.

Putin is sliding into a historical abyss

That is, no Crimea, no Donbass, no Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Suddenly, the primordially pro-Russian Serbia sang the same aria. The scoundrel is gradually left alone, even without imaginary friends.

Watching the aggressor slide into the historical, moral and economic abyss, I feel deep satisfaction.

I'm not an optimist. I understand what a war of attrition means – and we are now in a protracted war of attrition, if anyone else does not understand this. There are still many bloody battles ahead and months – if not years – of confrontation with a huge, evil and stupid nuclear state.

But you can not defeat the whole world, which has long lived according to other laws, and historical patterns that dictate evolutionary changes in society. Progress, development and integration cannot be defeated. And a nuclear state can be defeated.

Iran and Serbia are just the beginning. There will be more and more rejects. There are few supporters, and there will be even fewer. And this process cannot be stopped.

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